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It is the mission, duty and purpose of the Bartters Syndrome Foundation
to address, educate, coordinate, and promote research of Bartter Syndrome.

Ethan Hoffman with bartter syndrome
Ethan Hoffman:
Before Treatment

Ehan Hoffman:
After Treatment

Ethan Hoffman has Neonatal barter syndrome. He competing at golf, playing with his dogs and traveling with his family. There are a number of physical traits that differ in barter patients both before and after treatment.




Chris: Before Treatment


Chris: 30 Years Later

He has barter syndrome Chris lives in Ohio and enjoys playing the guitar.



Farheen: 1 Year Old


Liam: 2 Years Old

He is from Pakistan He has barter syndrome Type 1 





Patrick: 2 Years Old

He is from Latvia He has barter syndrome Type 1 

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